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The information on this website has been composed with care by Finventory, but Finventory cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. By means of this website, Finventory merely provides information on products and services offered by Finventory. Changes may be made without prior notice. Use of the information offered is at the user’s own expense and risk.

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Finventory ensures that its website is available as much as possible. Nevertheless, it may happen that the website is temporarily unavailable. Finventory is not liable if you suffer damage as a result.

Personal data

Personal data are data that directly identify a natural person and can be used to establish contact online or offline. We store data when our services are used, for instance when the contact form on the website is filled out. This information may include: name, e-mail address, telephone number or mobile phone number. You can have this information changed or deleted.

Finventory does its utmost to protect your personal data as much as possible:

– invest in our systems, procedures and people.

– ensuring that our way of working matches the sensitivity of your personal data.

– training our people to handle your personal data safely.

When processing personal data, Finventory always observes the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Any liability for any damage resulting from access to and use of this site is expressly rejected by the company. No guarantee is offered for the error-free and uninterrupted functioning of this site. Although the company makes every effort to keep the content of this site as up to date and complete as possible, it cannot offer any guarantee whatsoever for the accuracy, validity, completeness or topicality of the information that is published on this site or to which access is offered via this site. The Company accepts no liability in this respect.

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