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We Are Finventory

Finventory was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Frank Husken and the investment group Heylen Group, a collaboration that was destined to be successful. Both Frank and Heylen Group had an idea at exactly the same time and independently of each other: the market needed a tool to accurately map the financial risks of inventories.

Frank Husken has extensive expertise in risk management and financing platforms. The Heylen Group is a Belgian investment group that is particularly active in warehouses, logistics and e-commerce, a world in which inventory management is a daily concern. When both parties crossed paths in 2016, the establishment of Finventory was a logical next step.

Six years later the company has attracted various senior members in its team with broad experience in banking, risk modelling and data analytics with over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Finventory is the first European company to offer a front-to-back outsourcing solution to banks and finance companies to manage its inventory based working capital finance activities to SME’s and Corporate clients.

Finventory’s mission is to enable financial institutions to provide secure, tailored working capital solutions to corporates to optimise their growth opportunities, while at the same time enhancing their credit risk management capabilities.

Risk management for stock

Finventory offers services to providers of inventory-based financing solutions who are looking for tools to analyse a stock as collateral in detail. In practice, Finventory has developed an automated and highly secure IT platform that generates reports and fully automatically calculates the borrowing base on the basis of the most recent data. Such concrete data brings benefits to both the creditor and the borrower. In this way, both parties know that the amount of the loan is in line with the needs of the moment and with the value of the collateral.

Are you a credit provider? Request a demo and discover the transparent and secure operation of the platform.

Are you a borrower? Contact Finventory and find out what advantages our IT platform can offer your company.

Finventory is looking resolutely to the future and the company expresses its own ambitions loud and clear. “We provide relevant added value within an ecosystem with a creditor on one side and a borrower on the other. In the near future, however, we want to include other parties in our story. Just think of the suppliers of the stocks or the financing of debtors,” says Frank Husken, Finventory’s managing director.

Wim Heylen (Heylen Group): “Finventory offers a tangible solution to a recognisable challenge. The rapid growth of e-commerce, among other things, will only make the role of stocks more important. Consequently, the financing of inventories will also take off. Finventory already has all the in-house expertise and facilities to respond to the management and analysis of the risks associated with inventories.”

Feel like working at Finventory?

Finventory has grown. To support further growth, we are still looking for (young) professionals who would like to work in a dynamic and ambitious scale-up.