What we do at Finventory? From inventory to capital

Are you a credit provider? Are you looking for substantiated information about your (potential) client’s inventory? Request a demo and find out what Finventory can do for you.

Do you represent a company that is looking for inventory financing? Do you want to prove the value of your collateral with more clout? Discover the added value Finventory can offer you as a borrower.

Why Finventory?

A financial loan with an inventory as collateral … that’s easier said than done. An inventory contains so many risk factors that quantitative and up-to-date data are indispensable to make a well-founded credit analysis. Aspects to consider include the perishability of certain products or
the variable value of seasonal products.

Finventory offers a platform where creditors can find complete and reliable information about their client’s inventory as well as its evolution. This saves you time as a creditor because Finventory’s platform automatically calculates the borrowing base, while you also make money by using knowledge to limit credit losses.

As a company, the platform allows you to present concrete facts and figures during loan negotiations.
With Finventory, you are no longer in the dark when it comes to assessing value and risks of your own inventory.

How does Finventory work?

Finventory has only one goal: to create a win-win situation for creditors and borrowers based on well-founded analyses. Finventory also attaches importance to a highly transparent way of working. Both parties always have access to the same identical data.

Finventory works in four phases.


Data extraction

“Data is king”. Inventory data is a first essential step to get started. Finventory uses a structured database to process inventory data from ERP and warehouse management systems. Finventory accepts different types of files and data. The user-friendly platform also has a minimal impact on the borrower’s IT infrastructure.


Information processing

Data is only as valuable as the information it provides. Finventory translates the data into customer- and inventory-specific information. Some examples of risk factors are perishability, seasonality, sales forecasts, sales margins and unpaid products. Such information structures allow you – as a lender or as a borrower – to make valuable and relevant analyses.


Calculation borrowing base

Finventory’s platform calculates the borrowing base. It takes into account the risks and the variable rates, in short, all the parameters arising from the credit agreement. This includes the retention of title and the exclusion of ineligible products.


Analysis & Monitoring

Finventory offers an analysis and monitoring tool for both creditors and borrowers. As a user, you can analyse all specific risk factors, product categories and relevant details, both at one time and over a period of time. As a creditor, you can compare the borrowers in your portfolio. The purpose? Monitoring credit risk and the collateral in a uniform manner.


A company’s inventory is in constant motion. The same goes for the Finventory platform. With the help of algorithms, we can predict liquidation valuations or turnover results ever more accurately. Finventory’s vision of the future is clear: evolve into a dynamic platform where the flow of goods is matched with the flow of money within the supply chain. In that respect, the Finventory platform is also an optimisation tool and an additional service that you as a creditor can offer to the supply chain player within your network.

Are you eager to transform inventory into capital?