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Finventory offers collateral management services
to suppliers of inventory bases loans.



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Our platform

At Finventory we believe that inventory based lending will grow and is there to stay. However, banks are still reluctant to provide this type of loan, as they lack proper tools to map, analyze and monitor the inventory and determine its value. Now Finventory has come up with a solution for this problem in the form of a monitoring, risk management and collateral management platform.

Finventory’s solution

Finventory’s platform

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About us

Finventory is established in 2016 and offers collateral management services to creditors on inventory based lending.

Finventory believes that the role of inventory based lending within working capital financing will show a huge increase in volume due to long term trends such as e-commerce and logistic innovations.

Finventory is convinced that inventory based lending will evolve towards continuous risk based monitoring of the pledged inventory and towards a risk based calculation of the related borrowing base.

Finventory develops an efficient highly automised IT platform that gives access to relevant data and analyses regarding their collateral via a personalised web based platform and audit services that offer all creditors (banks, suppliers) assurance.

So, who are we?

Frank Husken

Managing Director

Eric van Loon

Head of Audit and Internal Control

Paul Schepers

Head of IT & Innovation Management

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Risk & Reporting

Will you be our new colleague?

Front/Back-end developers

Reinier van de Kimmenade

Manager IT Client Services

Michael Hernandez

IT Developer

Onur Alp Ilhan

IT Developer

Luuk Mettes

IT Lead Developer

Mark Raming

Solution Architect

Ted Jansen

IT Developer


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