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Finventory dans De Tijd

18 octobre 2022 Plateforme, Prestations de service, Finventory
Today a nice article in De Tijd, where Frank Husken explains how Finventory works. The Kempen real estate investor Heylen uses financial technology to promote the e-commerce revolution. Via subsidiary Finventory, companies can more easily extract working capital for their growing stocks.

Kempic real estate group Heylen arrives at Fintech


Didier Clerx, CEO of Heylen Group, a holding company best known to the general public as a logistics real estate specialist, explains: “Companies need ever-increasing stocks to respond to changing customer behavior. . What is ordered today must be delivered at home tomorrow. That requires a completely different mindset, both from the companies and from the banks that finance them.


To solve that problem, Heylen Group founded the financial technology company Finventory two years ago. “Initially, we wanted to set up a platform ourselves that would make it easier for companies to finance their inventories,” said Frank Husken, the general manager of Finventory. “But soon we realized that it was more useful to turn ourselves into a service provider for banks that provide working capital to companies. We are developing tools that allow banks to screen and monitor stocks of companies in a much more transparent and uniform way, giving them more confidence to provide capital.


Husken gives a specialist in garden items as an example. “Suppose it has about 1,000 barbecues in stock. In March they will be worth more than in September, because with autumn approaching, people are less likely to buy a new device. By sophisticated data analysis of various factors such as age, turnover, the manufacturer of those goods … you can estimate the seasonal influences. Moreover, we can give banks a much better insight into the supply chain of the companies they work with. In that respect, many financial institutions are still using the blindfold.


” Finventory collaborates with two major banks from Belgium and the Netherlands. They have already used Finventory’s tools in about a hundred companies, from meat processing companies to a bicycle buyer. But the ambitions reach further. “Since this summer we have shifted up a gear and we are working on a slightly larger scale,” says Clerx. “The goal is to grow Finventory into a European company.”


Read the whole article here. En heeft u nog vragen? And do you have any questions? Please contact us, we are happy to go deeper.

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