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Finventory est présente à la conférence ITFA

18 octobre 2022 Finventory

The annual ITFA conference hosted by OP Financial Group in Helsinki took place on September 27th. The International Trade and Forfeiting association ITFA worked together with FFE the Finish Fintech Ecosystem who facilitate collaborations between Fintech’s and banks. Finventory was present at the conference with Eric van Loon and Marco Bosma joining the full program.

As Finventory plans to expand its business in the Nordic region in 2023 the ITFA conference was a great opportunity to meet many key contacts at the major banks. As working capital finance needs are growing among many Corporates in the current economic climate, Banks are committed to facilitate the liquidity needs of their corporate customers as long as the associated credit risks can be adequately managed. Therefore Finventory is the ideal partner for banks to match working capital facilities with customer inventory levels.  We are engaging with all major banks in the region to see how Corporate clients can optimize their credit lines while meeting the bank’s credit acceptance requirements.

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