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Finventory announces partnership with European Valuations

21 März 2024 Finventory

March 2024, The Directors of European Valuations and Finventory, have agreed a co-operation framework to introduce each other at customers where their counterpart can provide value.

European Valuations (www.eurovals.co.uk) is a leading and independent, business asset appraisal, valuation and auditing firm specialized in Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Plant & Equipment with operations in the UK and the Netherlands. The company’s clients include international ABL lenders, Banks, Private Equity Investors, Debt Advisors, Law Firms and Corporates.

Finventory (www.Finventory21.com) ensures that lenders can go from spreadsheet-based to transparency-based corporate lending. This platform connects to the core system of the borrower. Finventory is an open platform that grants access to all stakeholders, including valuators, to support lenders and borrowers to increase mutual insight.

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