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Finventory s’associe à Qualco

26 septembre 2023 Finventory

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Qualco!

As the demand for inventory continues to grow, there is a need for tools that can effectively handle its financial complexities. Finventory offers an innovative solution to this demand with a precision tool that captures inventory financial nuances. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of Finventory, this collaboration will enhance our Factoring and Supply Chain Finance (SCF) offerings and empower clients with automated inventory monitoring capabilities.

« We’re excited about our partnership with QUALCO, » said Eric van Loon, Head of Processes & Service of Finventory21. « Our confidence in this collaboration comes from recognising the perfect synergy between our inventory finance and data integration products. Together, we are actively developing a joint proposition to offer our clients integrated solutions for their working capital finance needs. »

« Our partnership with Finventory is another step forward for the company » stated Danny Bowles,  VP Strategic Clients & Partners at QUALCO. « This collaboration will enable us to enhance QUALCO’s offerings, providing solutions that cater seamlessly to the complexities of working capital finance”.


QUALCO is on a mission to redefine how creditors gear up for the future. With over two decades of experience, we’ve been unlocking the boundless power of technology, data, and industry expertise, empowering companies worldwide to make intelligent decisions and supercharge their operations. Our commitment extends to simplifying financial processes and engineering seamless customer journeys across all channels. Innovation and agility are in our DNA, making QUALCO a trusted technology partner for the future.

Finventory is the first European company to offer a front-to-back outsourcing solution to banks and finance companies to manage its inventory based working capital finance activities to SME’s and Corporate clients. Our platform and related services encompass flexible and secure asset based lending (borrowing base) as well as credit risk monitoring on working capital asset classes, covering both inventory and accounts receivable. Finventory’s mission is to enable lenders to support their clients growth opportunities through asset based lending with a fully automated solution offering more insight, less risk and more efficiency.

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